Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of medical problems does Dr. Mair see?

A: Dr. Mair is happy to see most internal medicine problems affecting adults. He does not see children’s problems or problems related to pregnancy. If in doubt please feel free to ask. A referral is required prior to booking an appointment to allow timely prioritisation of cases, or on occasion re-direction of referrals.

Q: I do/do not have private health insurance. Does that make a difference?

A: Out-patient appointments with Dr. Mair are covered by Medicare and so private cover is not required. However further investigation is often necessary, usually in the form of private pathology or radiology providers which may or may not incur out-of-pocket fees. Occasionally hospitalisation may be required for further assessment and management: Dr. Mair accepts patients for admission at Greenslopes Private Hospital where private insurance cover is strongly recommended, but where this is not possible he is happy to liaise with other hospitals to facilitate treatment.

Q: Does Dr. Mair charge an out-of-pocket/Gap fee?

A: Dr. Mair charges an out-of-pocket fee for private out-patients. The amount is dependant on the complexity of the referral and on new versus follow-up appointments. Costs are available at the time of booking an appointment and are very competitive. Medicare rebate can be claimed direct on the day.

Q: How long is your waiting list for new referrals?

A: New appointments with Dr. Mair are triaged on a case-by-case basis with priority given to more acute or urgent medical complaints. As such detailed referrals are required prior to booking of appointments. Regrettably due to the popularity of our service some chronic health conditions may face an unavoidable delay in being seen.

Q: How long are appointments?

A: New referrals receive a one hour appointment whilst all follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. If you are unable to attend an appointment please let us know as soon as possible so that other patients may benefit.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to appointments?

A: Please bring a list of your current medications and any blood test results or imaging/radiology reports with you on the day.